Who started Quit India movement?

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Who started Quit India movement?

Postby Master » Fri Aug 11, 2017 11:55 pm

Though Mahatma Gandhi start quit India movement in 1942, he was not pioneer for starting quit India Movement. Pioneer was Baba Ram Singh kuka Namdhari, who started social boycott and all types of boycott of  foreign products and services.  Baba Ram Singh started nonviolent as well as armed struggle by making relations with Russia, Nepal. He openly  all of the, namdharis said Quit India for that purpose  there was a slogan sung in Punjabi “Goreyo desh shad deyo raj khalse karna” “Chavni kardeyo khali Khalse ne Bhang beejni”. Unfortunately Baba Ram Singh’s decedents and other followers were not Prime Minister like Nehru and they were not well educated. Therefore, Baba Ram singh  have not been promoted in media as promoted was Mahatma Gandhi. Actually there was no media in 19th  century, like in 20th century to  promote this freedom cause of Namdhari Baba Ram Singh. 
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