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Postby Guest » Sun Feb 10, 2013 7:31 am


I am a masters student living in London. I come from India.

I have kind of a dilemma.

In past 8-10 days, my skin beneath my beard has developed severe wounds(severe eczema or due to some skin infection) with pus flowing out.

This is troubling me a lot. I am unable to tie my beard or groom it. It hurts a lot like some one has put in needles in my skin. While eating I can always feel the external wound and pain/sensation.

It is spreading over different places beneath my beard, which is quite bushy with thick hair.

And one of the reasons for wound not getting healed up is that it never dries up because of thick bushy beard. pus flows and solids develop on my hair. Its awful.

Usually, I am a very practical person and with a straight head decide to to do what is required in order to solve issues and problems.

I am highly convinced to cut away my beard with a scissor so that my wounds get better. Hair will grow again, but wound has to be heal.

Only thing I am concerned about is my family and knowns. We have a family wedding taking place in London after 1 month and there will be huge gathering of relatives. Till now I have never cut my hair. But if I do it now, even for the right reason, they might think that I have changed so quickly after coming to UK where sikhs usually don't maintain full beard and hair. And I have been influenced, etc.

Its a frustrating mental block in mind. Please advise.

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Re: Beard

Postby Nihal Singh Kanakpuria » Sun Feb 10, 2013 1:26 pm


Instead of posting your dilemma here, i think you should be talking to elders in your family, if they dont believe you then you can show them pictures or doctors note etc etc.

Once they are convinced you dont need to worry about the rest of the family, people are going to talk , its their job and entertainment.

Nihal Singh Kanakpuria
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Re: Beard

Postby Yuktanand Singh » Sun Feb 10, 2013 4:17 pm

One finds it easier to keep the wounds clean and use less topical medication after cutting the hair short or shaving it.
A non-Sikh doctor would generally advise you to do so.

You need to analyze why you would agree to cutting your beard after just 10 days of a messy rash. When we value our hair we gladly accept various inconveniences due to our hair and we regard them as normal, a part of our life.

I am quite confident that the length of hair is not the cause of your rash, nor is it an impediment to its treatment, even though hair over wounds can be quite annoying. But it is too soon to rush to a barber.

You may have an infection or, reaction to some cosmetic, hair gel etc. Try to have your doctor find the cause of your rash that started after your coming to UK, rather than just treat it, so that it does not recur in the near future.

With proper treatment, perhaps a course of oral antibiotic, something that started only 8-10 days ago, should not take long to clear up.

Yuktanand Singh
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Yuktanand Singh
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Re: Beard

Postby Guest » Tue Feb 12, 2013 6:47 pm

Thanks for your responses Yuktanand ji and Nihal ji.

I have been in UK for a long time now. Its not something that happened due to a change of food/environment, etc and its the first time got this issue.

I am taking antibiotics and hope that it goes away soon.

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