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Please enjoy this in depth look at Guru Khalsa Panth. The Panth is considered as the twelfth Guru. This is part 14 of a series from Basics of Sikhi called '12 weeks 12 Gurus.'
Let us pray, hope, aspire that we get to taste this divine love or Prem Rus in our lives. The Guru Ji's blessing is all that we need and aspire for, and may we be blessed to experience the feeling of divine love within.
Instead the processes have taken over - like once someone is baptised then that is it!
The Granthi singh had just finished doing katha and simran of the 11th asthpadee of sukhmani sahib, when a very upset young lady walked in. She said fateh to everyone with great humility and love. She looked very upset.
Yet this need to feel important and think that we know it all separates us from ourselves and each other. It can put you on your own little island and isolate you from truth and on this path isn’t truth the most important thing?
Despite not having a (worldly) mother since birth, the child sweetly said that all the Sikh bibia (ladies) are her mothers and all Sikh children are her brothers and sisters. Vaheguru! She said after taking Amrit Baba jee will remain with her for the rest of life...
That first morning as i approached darbar sahib, my body began to shake. emotions battled inside my chest. i remember travelling towards the sun, and feeling overwhelmed. how is it possible that i ended up here?
Let the sweet melody of "Wanjli" (flute) reign over the heart of love-deprived "Preet". I beseech O Lord, banish all my vices and the illusory mind sense so fleet.
Guru Angad woke up in the early morning. He was thirsty, and he asked his sons to bring him water, but they said that it's raining outside and we would have to go to the lake to get water. Bhai Amar Das saw this happen, and he felt the need to serve his Guru. He went outside during the great storm to bring the Guru some water.
Amar Das ji rode to meet the True Guru. The Guru and Amar Das ji were related and Amar Das ji was a couple decades older. When Amar Das ji saw his saintly face, instead of hugging the Guru, Amar Das ji fell on his knees and said, "Please don't consider me your relative and don't even consider me your elder. Just take me as a student and show me the right path!" Amar Das ji devoted himself to the Guru's service for the rest of his life.
After finishing the morning prayer, I practice Sahej Sukh Dhyan, silently reciting the Mool Mantra, once on the inhale, three times suspending the breath, then once more on the exhale. I continue for about ten minutes than just sit allowing the mind and the body to experience the experience.
“I am the slave of His slaves; becoming the dust of the feet of his slaves, I serve His humble servants.” (Ang 529) After listening to this, every Sikh is filled with desire and hope to become that slave.
I don’t feel anyone can claim that their religion will provide a complete and accurate picture of what God is. Religion, when practiced with compassion and sincerity will enable you to experience the warmth, light and truth shining from its source and into your life...
Since I began walking on this path, I’ve been wanting to receive the Guru Granth Sahib Ji. although I’ve been able to read the daily hukamnama, as well as portions of the Guru Granth Sahib Ji online, there’s something about being able to touch and to dive into the actual physical form of the Sacred Word that I’ve been craving.
In Nanak's teaching there are two kinds of people; those who listen and act on the Word of the True Guru called Gurmukh (he who faces the Guru) and those that do not, called Manmukh (he who has turned his back on the Guru (bemukh) and does as he pleases).
In the village of Poola lived a young man named Taru. He worked very hard every day on his farm with his family. He was also a very devoted Sikh of Guru Gobind Singh and he always loved serving people. Everyone knew he loved to serve and everyone loved Bhai Taru. Bhai Taru believed all people are children of God. He also learned from Guru Gobind Singh Ji to treat all people with equality and love. He didn't care if someone was Hindu or Muslim, he just wanted to serve the God in them.
A Sikh of Guru Amar Das ji named Bhai Sachan Sach was very devoted to the Guru. Outside of Goindwal there was a crazy woman who people thought was possessed by demons. Even though this woman had attacked Bhai Sachan Sach, the Guru told him, "Take my sandal, when she attacks you, simply touch her with it." Bhai Sachan Sach at first didn't want to, but he listened to his Guru.... then when he was in the jungle.... she attacked him....
Bibi Shanti was a devoted Sikh of Guru Hargobind ji. She taught her son, Pulla, that if he believed strongly, then surely the Guru would come and visit them. One glorious day Guru Hargobind and some Sikhs really did come and visit. Their humble prayers were answered. The Guru had them make langar and all the villagers experienced a miracle they wouldn't soon forget.
Once there was a Sidh Yogi was becoming very old. Before his life came to an end he was blessed with a visit to Guru Amar Das. Guru ji granted him the blessing that he could be re-born in to the Guru's family. Soon the Guru had a grandson, that was the Yogi, and named him Anand. On the spot Guru ji recited Anand Sahib.
Guru Hargobind announced to his Sikhs that he wanted them to come in his presence and recite Jap Ji Sahib. When Sikhs would come and recite, he could tell how well they understood the teachings. One man did such a wonderful Japji that Guru Hargobind knew of no other offering he could give. So the Guru was about the offer the throne Baba Nanak to him...
Baba Deep Singh was a beloved child of Guru Gobind Singh, who's commitment was so strong, his word always came true. When the Hari Mandir Sahib was taken over by invaders he promised to fight until his head bowed at the threshold. In the battle field he fought fearlessly and sent many men to their Maker. Then he faught the general of the other army. Baba Deep's head was cut off in this fight........... then a miracle happened......
Guru Ram Das had sent his youngest son, Arjan, away to do some work for the Guru. From his longing to be with his father he wrote a series of beautiful letters. His older brother became very jealous and showed himself not worthy of the Guruship. Arjan wrote the letters with such devotion and longing that they have the power of 1,000 shabds. For this reason it came to be called "Shabd Hazare".The Gaddi was given to him and he became Guru Arjan Dev ji.
Guru Amar Das, the third Guru, was becoming old and it was time to decide who had the selflessness to carry on the light of Guru Nanak. He tested both of his son-in-laws, Bhai Rama and Bhai Ram Das. He made them build platforms for him to meditate on. When the son-in-laws made the platforms, the Guru rejected their work. He continued to have them build and tested their devotion to see who would truly be selfless.......
Once Guru Amar Das ji was in deep, deep meditation. His daughter, Bibi Bhani, saw that the platform he was on was going to break and he would be jolted awake when that happens. She put her hand in the way. Her hand got cut really bad. When Guru ji saw her pain and devotion he granted her a blessing. She asked that the Guruship always stay in her family line. The rest of the Gurus were descendants of Bibi Bhani and Guru Ram Das.
Once Guru Nanak went on a long walk with all his dicsiples. As they were walking some people found money on the ground and they went home. After a long, long distance only two Sikhs were left. Guru Nanak told them to eat a dead body. One Sikh couldn't do it, but Bhai Lehna humbly obeyed. Lehna's devotion surpassed all tests. He was so devoted he was like an 'ang' a limb of the Guru.
When he was a teenager, Guru Nanak had the job of weighing grain. Sometimes he would accidentally give too much grain. When his boss heard about this he came over to see how much Nanak had given away for free. To his surprise there wasn't less grain than there should have been, there was more grain than there should have been! Guru Nanak was again protected because he was joined with God.
A Humble Tribute to 300 Saal Guran De Naal at Yuba City, California USA.
Bidhi Chand used to be a thief before he met Guru Hargobind. The Emperor, had intercepted two beautiful horses named Dilbagh and Gulbagh that were going to be given to the Guru. Bidhi Chand used his skills one more time to steal the Guru's horses back from the emperor and unite them with the Guru.


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