Using parents' car, Stevenson High...

Stevenson High School junior Amrit Johar picks up leftovers at local bagel shops and repackages them for food pantries. (Brian O'Mahoney / Pioneer Press)

Slow Sneaky Deadly Diabetes

Nearly 8 percent of the U.S. population has diabetes, a condition that causes high blood sugar levels and a host of related health problems. The majority of people suffer from type 2 diabetes, a form that can develop at any age and, according to the Mayo Clinic, is often preventable.

Faith leaders gather to support Chicago...

Faith leaders from different religions and backgrounds stood arm-in-arm Thursday evening inside a Loop church to pledge their support for Chicagoland’s unauthorized immigrant community and to denounce what they say is “divisive anti-immigrant rhetoric” stemming from the 2016 presidential campaign.

There are Many Ways to Love the Creator

Let us not be bitter, discriminatory or violent against those who differ from us in one thing or the other. They should not be perceived as adversaries or as competitors, but instead be acknowledged for what they are: brothers and sisters in faith. All wisdom seekers (Sikhs) must seek and promote unity in congregations, organizations, groups, institutions, and in our diaspora societies throughout the world.

Jagraj Singh, Diagnosed With Cancer, Stays...

His prolific work, which has the vision of using the internet to reach hearts, has been especially valuable to the younger generation of Sikhs, many of whom have strengthened their Sikhi with his inspiration.

World Kabaddi Cup - US Women's Team

The World Kabaddi Cup just wrapped up in the Punjab and the US Women's Team did extraordinarily well, coming in an unexpected 2nd place.

[Video] Harnarayan Singh to make English...

Already the first person to call the play-by-play of NHL games in Punjabi, 31-year-old, Harnarayan Singh is set to make history once again Wednesday night. Will become the first Sikh to broadcast in English when he joins the crew covering the Calgary Flames and Toronto Maple Leafs game at the Saddledome.

'British Sikhs Better Educated Than UK...

Some other key findings include Sikhs twice as more likely to have a degree or a higher qualification compared to the average for the population, and at the same time, they are least likely to be unemployed.

This Photographer Has Been Documenting The...

An Ambala-based photographer, Maninder Singh Sodhi, has been documenting the famous Sikh festival of Hola Mohalla for 18 years. The engineer-turned-photographer learnt to use the camera from his father.

A Gift We Made For You

We made this beautiful, original wallpaper for you to enjoy. #GivingTuesday takes us into the holiday season reminding us that this is the season of Giving.


December 6, 2016 Hukamnama Excerpt
"O Saints, my windy mind has now become peaceful and still."

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